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Ukraine’s Role in Hosting Euro 2012 in Jeopardy

28. January 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Government interference in the running of Ukrainian football has jeopardized Ukraine’s role in co-hosting Euro 2012. UEFA, the governing body of European football, today threatened the nation with suspension if Ukraine does not provide a satisfactory response by February 4. 


"If the FFU (Ukraine federation) is suspended from membership of UEFA, it was the unanimous view of the executive committee that it would not be tenable to play the final round of the UEFA European football championship in Ukraine in 2012," UEFA wrote in a letter.

Problems arose last year after international football officials received documents indicating that regional and state authorities in Ukraine were influencing management of the nation’s football federation by exerting pressure of some kind. Government interference violates both UEFA and FIFA rules.


Despite tensions resulting from UEFA’s letter, Gianni Infantio, the association’s secretary general, seemed confident that the problem in Ukraine would be resolved. 

“We are confident we can find a solution,” he said. “We have a fantastic event ahead of us, everyone has to pull together and not work one against each other,” Infantino added.

Euro 2012 is currently scheduled to kick off in Warsaw, Poland on June 8 next year and end in Kiev, Ukraine on July 1.

Source: AFP