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Ukraine’s Presidential Election Results Suspended

18. February 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

In a surprising move, Ukraine's Administrative Court have officially suspended the results of February’s Presidential election which favored Viktor Yanukovich as a result of an appeal filed by his rival, Yulia Tymoshenko.

The Vice Chairwoman of Yanukovich’s party declared the court’s action to be a “formality”, citing the numbers of people who voted for Yanukovich and the international recognition the vote received. An independent public opinion poll claimed that 55% of Ukraine’s population did not doubt the fairness of the election.

A meeting of the Higher Administrative court is scheduled to take place with Prime Minister Tymoshenko on February 20th. The court estimate that they will have completed the inquiry by the Inauguration day of February 25th, but Tymoshenko’s party is proposing a bill in Parliament to suspend the inauguration further. Yanukovich has already announced his intention to turn down any proposed international diplomatic trips until the inquiry is cleared up.

While the appeal brings to mind the Orange Revolution of 2004, the circumstances are largely different. Tymoshenko has asked her supporters not to take to the streets and is asking for a full recount of the votes, rather than the 3rd round of voting that caused Viktor Yuschenko’s rise to power.