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Ukraine’s Internet Party Uses the Force

27. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

The Internet Party of Ukraine chose a novel form of protest: Darth Vader and a pack of Storm Troopers swooped down on Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice to present a proclamation to “the master.” Vader and his entourage were denied entry, and one of the Storm Troopers was ultimately detained by authorities. It is not clear whether their message was delivered.


The Darth Vader stunt was a response to the Ministry’s decision earlier this month to disband the party. The reason given for the disbandment was that the Internet Party did not have any regional offices. The Internet Party of Ukraine issued a statement saying that they have far more regional offices than are officially required. They are appealing the Ministry’s decision.


The Internet Party was formed in 2007 by former cyber-crime lord Dmitri Golubov. After a six month stint in jail in 2007, Golubov turned away from the dark side and is now dedicated to fighting government corruption. The party’s aim is to reduce corruption in Ukraine by having all government activity performed online in a transparent environment. The party’s platform includes free foreign language and computer skill education for all citizens, a flat income tax and fuel independence for Ukraine through alternative energy and nuclear power.


You can see a video of the Vader protest stunt below:

Photo: Russia Times