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Ukrainian Boxing Legend Vitali Klitschko retains World Title

28. September 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko fought Mexican-American boxer Chris Arreola to a decisive victory at LA's Staples Center on Saturday night. His third victory since returning from retirement, the bout was ended at the 10th round after Arreola's corner finally threw in the towel, much to Arreola's anger.


Citing the amount of punishment the young boxer had taken against the seasoned Klitschko, Arreola's trainer Henry Ramirez refused to let Arreola out of the corner and stated that Arreola was "irate" when he was informed.


Despite the intensity of the fight, Klitschko had nothing but praise for his opponent, complimenting him on his "great chin" (despite Klitschko's powerful and frequent hits, he was never able to knock Arreola down) and commenting that he was surprised that Arreola didn't come out for an 11th round.


Klitschko made a name for himself at the Staples Center in 2003 when he fought British champion Lennox Lewis. Vitali keeps a home in one of the nearby LA suburbs and spends time there with his wife and children when he is not participating in Ukrainian politics or humanitarian events.