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Ukrainian Brides on Parade All Summer

22. May 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


With so many Ukrainian girls dreaming about Prince Charming and white weddings, a phenomenon known as Brides Parades have been popping up all over the country in recent years.


Often promoting family values and the importance of women in society, the Brides Parades see impressive turnouts each summer. Some don fairy wings and tiaras, while others wear gowns of all different colors. (See the photos below!)


Last week, the fifth annual Brides Parade prettied up the streets of Donetsk, giving every lady the chance to showcase her beauty in her best wedding wear. Now, five more cities will host these hugely popular events.


In Kremenchuk on May 26th, the Brides Parade will have an additional purpose. Every lady who wants to participate must give a monetary donation that will go to a local charity. This parade also welcomes junior brides-to-be as even the youngest Ukrainian girls are already eager to wear wedding attire.


In Odessa on May 29th, the parade is a little more exclusive as only 50 Ukrainian brides are chosen to strut along the parade route. They’ll walk along the main thoroughfare from Dumska Square to Deribasivska, stopping off at the most popular spots in the city where newlyweds often pose for pictures. Once they reach Sobrona Square, the brides will toss bouquets into the crowd.


In Kharkiv on June 9th, the Brides Parade is more like a beauty pageant where a panel of judges will award prizes for such titles as Lady Mother, Business Lady, Lady Future, and Lady Bohemia. Stylists and fashion consultants will be on hand to make sure the ladies look their best so they can win trips to Europe and spa resorts!


In Lutsk on June 30th, brides must make their own dresses and accessories to participate in the parade but professional hair styling, make-up, and photo shoots will be provided. Then they’ll walk from the Theatre Maiden to Lesi Ukrainka Park where even more festivities are planned for Youth Day. The most creatively dressed bride will win a prize. The winner one year made her whole dress out of real flower petals.


In Rivne on July 6th, the Brides Parade will not only feature beautiful Ukrainian women walking the streets in stunning dresses but there will also be brides on bicycles!


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Enjoy these photos from Brides Parades of years past.



Source: What's On Kiev, Photos: Andrew Butko via Wikimedia Commons