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Ukrainian Coffin Maker Offers "Coffin Therapy"

5. December 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Worried about spending eternity in a narrow coffin deep underground? You’re not alone. Millions shudder at the thought of their final resting place, but Ukrainian coffin maker Stepan Piryanyk has devised a way to help the living come to grips with their mortality: coffin therapy!

For $25, “patients” can lie inside one of Piryanyk’s silk-lined coffins and listen to a soothing soundtrack of chirping birds and gurgling water. Each session last 15 minutes, and customers can choose whether or not to close the lid.

As expected, many people are repulsed by the idea of coffin therapy, though others find it relaxing.  

“After a hard-working day you can come in and relax,” customer Anna Petrukhina told Reuters. “It’s great! You go home in a completely different mood.”

Piryanyk said he got the idea for the unorthodox therapy after he and his brothers built a coffin couch for their grandmother several years ago. The coffin therapy sessions are free now, but will soon cost $25. The coffin producer hopes to one day add medical professionals to the mix.

Check out the video for more coffin-therapy weirdness.