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Ukrainian Feminists, Others Upset With Election Choices

15. January 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Dressed as prostitutes, members of the Ukrainian feminist group known as “FEMEN” came to the gates of the country’s Central Election Commission office Thursday to voice their dissatisfaction with the candidates in Sunday’s presidential election.


The Ukrainian women's group is known for its vocal protest demonstrations throughout Ukraine, featuring signs that say things like “Ukraine is not a bordello.”

While it is unclear exactly what made for the group’s personal dissatisfaction with the election, they are among the seeming majority of Ukrainians who feel that the top candidates are not capable of effectively governing the country and improving Ukraine’s economic situation.


Support for current president Viktor Yushchenko is reported to be in the single digits. Meanwhile, as Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych battle it out as the two most popular candidates in public opinion polls, many Ukrainians report that support for one candidate is more of a statement against the other.


One lesser-known candidate, Vasyl Humeniuk, received attention earlier this month for changing his name to Vasyl Protyvsikh, which translates to Vasyl “Against All.”