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Ukrainian Folk Dance Made Famous in Melbourne

17. December 2012 by Masha 0 Comments


It is impossible to imagine a Ukrainian concert in Melbourne or a Ukrainian Festival in Australia without the participation of Verchovyna, whose name has been permanently recorded in the history of Ukrainians in Australia.


Since 1966, Verchovyna has captivated audiences worldwide with its exquisite costumes, original choreography and amazing athleticism - truly one of Australia's quality home-grown multicultural talents.


Over 120 dancers of all ages make up the dance ensemble and they've toured across Canada, Thailand, and even Ukraine. From elegant turns and lifts, to acrobatic tumbles, leaps and Cossack-style kicks, Verchovyna's stage performance incorporates the many different regions of Ukraine, combining them into one emphatic spectacle. 


The different regions are also represented by the costumes which are made from fabrics found in Australia and sewn by parents and friends. There is a dedicated design team which devotes many hours researching, designing and looking for materials, paying particular attention to the authenticity of the costumes.


Ukrainian culture is so vibrant that it can often be found all over the world. Perhaps Verchovyna will be performing in your town. Watch this promotional video! 



Source, Photo: Verchovyna