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Ukrainian Ladies Love Sports [pics inside!]

17. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Sports and physical fitness are big in Ukraine. Ukrainian ladies love to look their best, and that includes staying in shape. And, watching sporting events, whether on TV or in person, is a great way to unwind on the weekends. What are some of Ukrainian girls’ favorite sports and athletic activities? Our survey revealed some of their top picks:



Swimming was the number one choice of Ukrainian ladies who answered our survey. Ukraine has Olympic pools for training throughout the country and gorgeous beaches in the south that are just great for taking a dip.







Tennis came in just after swimming in the list of the ladies' favorite sports. The sport first became popular about a hundred years ago; Tsar Nicolas and writer Leo Tolstoy both loved to play. But, tennis really caught on in Russia and Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union; before that, the sport was considered bourgeois. Ukraine now has a number of world-caliber tennis players who have competed internationally.






Football is a national passion in Ukraine. The country has four divisions of men's football, as well as a national women's team that has competed since 1993. 





There are a number of great skiing spots in Crimea and Ukraine. If you like winter sports, the colder months could be a great time to visit, and enjoy a ski vacation with your favorite Ukrainian lady.





Dance is a great way to stay fit.  It's no surprise that this sexy physical activity is so popular with Ukrainian ladies.




Hitting the Gym

A gym workout is a great way to get a thorough workout, and a popular pastime for many Ukainian babes!




Running or Track

Many of the ladies we surveyed are avid runners.





Boxing is one of the biggest sports in Ukraine. Boxer brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are among the highest rated fighters in the world.




Other favorites include figure skating, volleyball and yoga. Ask your Ukrainian honey what sport she likes the best.