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Ukrainian Woman Prepares for Solo Motorcycle Trek Around the World

19. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Motorcycle enthusiast and activist Anna Grechishkina is preparing for a huge adventure: she plans to take her bike across Europe and Asia, then across the oceans to travel by motorcycle through Australia, Africa and North and South America.


She’s traveled extensively by motorcycle through India, Kurdistan and other countries on her Kavasaki Vulkan 900. For the new voyage, she says that she plans to purchase a larger touring bike. She is in talks with sponsors to get funding for the bike and the trip.


Anna says that, while she will not be traveling with a partner or with a satellite phone, she will have contacts in each country she can reach in case of trouble. Although there are some countries on her route where women are not allowed to travel alone, she says she thinks she will be able to work through any difficulties.


Anna is a member of a motorcycle club, MotoSave, whose members regularly engage in charity work such as fundraisers and visits to orphanages. While on her trip, she says she will be hospitals and shelters on every continent.


She intends to leave on her journey in June of 2013 and return a year later. Anna has created a website (ihaveadream.com.ua) where people can read about her preparations and her voyage, and plans to write a book on her return.


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