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Ukrainian Women Compete Again for Eurovision

1. March 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Ukrainian singer Jamala

This past weekend, the contest to determine who will represent Ukraine at Eurovision was nationally televised. While 24-year-old Mika Newton was chosen as the winner, rumors of unfair voting quickly circulated and officials decided to hold a rematch between the top three finalists on Thursday.


Mika Newton is the lead singer for a Ukrainian rock band and has been compared to Canadian artist Avril Lavigne. She performed the song “Angels” at the contest and with the combination of televoting, jury voting, and internet votes, she was deemed the winner.


However, some believed the outcome was inaccurate, as votes were being cast from the same phone numbers and the same internet addresses. Mika tried to prove that the voting was fair and even sent a letter to President Yanukovich requesting his involvement. The contest was still rescheduled and now she’ll compete against the second and third place finalists.


Zlata Ognevich will repeat her performance of “The Kukushka” which translates to “The Cuckoo” in English. She participated in the national selection for Eurovision last year, but has spent much more time preparing for this year’s competition.


The third Ukrainian woman who wants to represent her country at Eurovision is Jamala, who will perform her song “Smile”. Born Susana Jamaladinova, the jazz singer is releasing her debut album, mostly in English, this spring and is known for wearing colorful costumes.


The rematch will be televised on March 3rd and efforts will be taken to ensure that only one vote is allowed from each mobile phone and internet user.