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Ukrainian Women and Cossack Warriors at Mamayiva Sloboda

25. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Mamayiva Sloboda is a Cossack settlement of the 17th and 18th centuries located in the center of Kiev. The word "sloboda" is from an early Slavic language meaning "freedom". Opened in July 2009, this large theme park aims to preserve Ukrainian traditions, customs, and rituals. The spirit of the independent, freedom-fighting warriors can be felt from the picturesque gardens and lakes to the pottery huts and horse stables.


The centerpiece of the park is the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, a wooden three-tier church where daily services are held. A traditional Ukrainian wedding is often performed for visitors to experience this cultural celebration, complete with singing, dancing, and authentic cuisine. People are encouraged to have their own real weddings here too. Many Ukrainian movies are often filmed at this location as well.


Cossack warriors participate in stunt shows and jousting duels on horseback, before hosting horse riding classes for guests. Blacksmiths and potters also show off and share their skills at master classes where guests can craft customized souvenirs. A real Ukrainian restaurant and tavern offer tasty treats, or you can experience more medieval style open air cooking by pretty Ukrainian women.


There is so much to discover at Mamayiva Sloboda, whether you wander around yourself or embark on a guided tour. Are you chatting with some gorgeous girls from Kiev? Plan a trip to meet them and include this cultural excursion as one of your dates!