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Using Introduction Emails on HotRussianBrides.com

9. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

At HotRussianBrides.com, we offer all of our members – Gentlemen and Ladies – the ability to save an introduction email on file. This allows everyone to introduce themselves in a way that is comfortable and saves members from having to type out the same “All About Me” emails over and over again.

If you wish to place an introduction email on file, all you need to do is click the “I” on any lady’s profile card and a window will open asking you to type your introduction email. When you have composed it and are ready to send, merely click the box that states “Save” and HotRussianBrides.com will save this email for you, so you may use it again when contacting other ladies for the first time.

If you would like to use your pre-written introduction email again, all you need to do is click the orange “I” on a lady’s profile card again and then click the “Send” button. If you need to edit the introduction email, you can do that the same way, but just make the changes you need and hit the “Save” button again.