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Valeriya Lukyanova: Ukraine’s Living Barbie Doll

23. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Eastern European women are known for taking care of their looks, but one Ukrainian woman is taking the quest for beauty to an entirely different level. Meet Valeriya Lukyanova, 21, Ukraine’s “living doll.”

The “the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-language Internet,” Lukyanova has turned to plastic surgery, cosmetics, and some say Photo Shop, to transform herself into a living Barbie. The effects are startling. Valeriya’s photos reveal a woman who indeed looks like the iconic doll, complete with blonde hair, blue eyes, an ample bosom, and a tiny waist. However, is the look too much? Reactions are mixed.

“An amazing beauty!” writes a fan on Valeriya’s YouTube channel.

"She looks not only ugly, but ridiculous,” writes another.

Valeriya also has a personal website and a Facebook page, complete with many photos and videos. Check out a few samples below, and then head over to Hot Russian Bridesto meet a beautiful (but less doll like) Ukrainian beauty of your own.


Source: International Business Times