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Variety is the Spice of Life

27. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

With nearly 14,000 beautiful women, HotRussianBrides is sure to have someone for everyone. However, we don’t just feature a large number of women. We also focus on variety to ensure that our gentlemen are able to find their perfect matches. So exactly what kind of variety do we offer?



Whether you are seeking a fresh-faced young woman, an older lady with a little more life experience, or someone in between, HotRussianBrides has you covered. Our ladies range in age from 18 to 65+ so a gentleman of any decade can easily find a special lady to spend his life with.



Are you looking for a statuesque beauty? No problem. Over 500 Hot Russian Brides are 5’10”or taller. Prefer someone more on the petite side? No sweat. 3,000 women are 5’4” or under. With a search range of 4’6” – 6’6”, gentlemen can find a lady of nearly any human height.


If weight is important to you, we feature ladies anywhere from 90 pounds to 200+ pounds. Men of all shapes and sizes can easily find their match.


Hair Color/Eye Color

Ravishing redheads, beautiful brunettes, breathtaking blonds, raven-haired beauties, and gorgeous grays. We got it all on HotRussianBrides.


More interested in eye color than hair color? You’ll have no problem finding a plethora of green, blue, or brown-eyed beauties, along with women sporting the less traditional colors of hazel, gray, or black.


Astrology Sign

Despite the skepticism many have towards astrology, a growing number of people consult the stars when selecting a partner. We anticipated this need at HotRussianBrides, and allow gentlemen to search for a lady by her Western zodiac sign and her Chinese zodiac sign. Check out our new zodiac photo gallery.  



Do you want to avoid smokers? There’s a search feature for that. Are you looking for a lady who enjoys the occasional drink? There’s a search feature for that as well. Whether you’re looking for a smoker or non-smoker, a drinker or a teetotaler,  HotRussianBrides has a lady for you.


New Girls Every Day

As if HotRussianBrides didn’t offer enough variety, new women join the site each day so there are always different ladies to chat with. A gentleman could spend a lifetime getting to know the thousands of beautiful women who grace our service.


Are you looking for love? Visit HotRussianBrides and search for the lady of your dreams.