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Vilkovo: “The Ukrainian Venice”

11. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Founded in 1746, Vilkovo is a small city located in the Ukrainian part of the Danube River Delta. Vilkovo is home to approximately 10,000 people and is the last settlement on the Danube before the river flows into the Black Sea.

The inhabitants of Vilkovo have built their homes and gardens on islands they have dug out of the silty marshland. A network of waterways known as “yeriks” connect the town, and even today most people in Vilkovo get around by boat rather than car. Because of this, Vilkovo is known as “the Ukrainian Venice.”  A series of boardwalks also line the waterways, allowing townspeople to walk from one location to the next.

Every few years, island inhabitants must repair their islands to prevent them from sinking back into the marsh and to keep the waterways clear for boat traffic. They do this by digging a trench around the islands, a technique that also prevents flooding. Though Vilkovo can be hassle when it comes to maintaining a home, the rich silt of the Danube makes it an excellent place for gardening and fishing. Vilkovo is famous for its strawberry, apples, quince, and grapes, and fishing is the largest source of revenue for the town’s inhabitants.

Here are few pictures of this remarkable city.