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Vintage and Modern Cars Race From Russia to Ukraine

17. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

While reinforcing Russia and Ukraine’s relationship, the international Emperor Nicholas II motor rally is also promoting Russia’s automobile history. 20 modern Russian models set off on Monday from the Orlov Gates of Catherine Park just outside of St. Petersburg to race for the checkered flag in Kiev. Several vintage cars have also cruised alongside them for parts of the route.


As the participants near the Russian-Ukrainian border today, the countries’ presidents will join them and lead the way. Medvedev is driving his own 1948 white Pobeda sedan and Yanukovych is behind the wheel of a 1950 Pobeda convertible. Other prominent celebrities and musicians are the drivers competing for the trophies at the end of the six-day rally in Kiev tomorrow.


At each city they’ve passed through, residents have organized welcoming concerts and cultural exhibits. As we’ve seen on HotRussianBrides.com, Russian women love posing with cars, so there have been plenty of photo opportunities for the local ladies.


This event is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first motor rally held by the Russian Imperial Automobile Club for Emperor Nicholas II. Over 40 cars, including Russ-Balts, Mercedes, and Opels, raced from St. Petersburg, to Kiev, to Moscow, and then back to St. Petersburg, which took 13 days. It was won by Willy Pyoge in a Mercedes and became known as the Emperor Prize Race, taking place each year.



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