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Virtual Tour of Russia Pavilion at World Expo 2010

3. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

The opening ceremony of the largest World Expo in history was held April 30th in Shanghai, China. Dozens of world leaders were in attendance to admire performances, fireworks, lasers, and dancing fountains. Over 190 countries are represented with giant pavilions, welcoming visitors to experience diverse culture from all over the globe.


The Russia Pavilion is quite unique with 12 irregularly shaped, 20-meter tall towers. They are decorated with designs and colors that are often used for traditional Russian women’s costumes, and they form a circle that resembles the formation of a famous Russian dance. Six of the towers display achievements of Russian regions, while the others host craft exhibits and restaurants sharing authentic Russian cuisine.


Nikolay Nosov, a famous Soviet writer of children’s literature, once said that the best city in the world should be the favorite one among children. The main exhibition area of the Russia Pavilion is designed after Nosov’s fairyland ideals with three parts: the City for Children, the City for Youth, and the Big World. Visitors travel along the paths, among giant strawberries, flowers, and trees, moving through different sections which highlight progress of Russia’s development.


World Expo 2010 runs through October 31st and expects to attract 70 million guests. If you can’t travel to Shanghai this year to experience this amazing world fair, you can enjoy an exclusive virtual tour of the Russia Pavilion in this video!