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Visit The Vodka Museum in Moscow

12. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

There are beer museums in Germany, cognac museums in France, whiskey museums in Scotland, and there's word of a tequila museum opening in Mexico City. A trip to Moscow, Russia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Vodka Museum.


A popular tourist destination, The Vodka Museum boasts over 600 different exhibits, from the first invention of vodka to how it’s made today, along with vodka’s role in the history and culture of Russia. Expert guides share interesting stories such as how vodka labels were used as currency during a financial depression when monetary units were scarce. Recipes, old and new, are detailed. Did you know that soldiers in the Great Patriotic War were given daily rations of vodka? There are countless tales to tell about the long history of Russian vodka.


Learning all that history can make you thirsty! The museum’s tasting hall also serves as a restaurant, dishing out appetizers and entrees according to an 1887 authentic Russian cookbook. The décor of the restaurant resembles eateries of the same era, with a cozy and warm atmosphere. And of course you can warm your belly with samples of Russia’s best vodkas. The popular tasting sessions take place every day so reservations are suggested.


Whether you’re a vodka enthusiast or a history buff, The Vodka Museum provides an informative look back into Russian vodka history, complete with artifacts, exhibits, tastings, and souvenirs. You will learn more than you thought possible about the world-famous Russian drink.