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What Can I Expect When Meeting a Russian Bride for the First Time?

9. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Ready to meet your Russian bride for the first time?

At least 50 members of HotRussianBrides.com travel to Russia or Ukraine each month to meet the charming women they've gotten to know online. Many have the vacation of a lifetime and end up going back again and again. But that first trip is always a little nerve wracking and gentlemen always want to know what they can expect on a first date with a Russian bride.


She May Be Late

Russian and Ukrainian women always like to look their best, especially during a date, so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t arrive on time. She will be greatly concerned with making the very best first impression so may have to try on a few different outfits and spend an extra few minutes on her hair and makeup. This also serves as a reminder that you should take great care in the way you’re presenting yourself as well. You may think wearing a suit and tie is going overboard, but it will make you look successful and handsome.


Arrange Her Transportation

Another reason she may be late is because most Russian ladies don’t own cars and will have to rely on public transportation to meet with you. An excellent piece of advice from Rob, after his experience with the girls in Ukraine, is to arrange for a taxi cab to pick her up. Taxis are very affordable in Ukraine and much faster and more reliable than the buses or the subway. She will be very impressed by this gentlemanly gesture.


She Expects Respect

Speaking of gentlemanly gestures, a Russian woman will always expect you to treat her like a lady. Traditional moves like opening doors, pulling out chairs, offering up your coat if she’s cold, will be noticed and greatly appreciated. Even if she’s a strong, independent woman, these old-fashioned tactics will make her feel special. Being a gentleman also includes respecting her boundaries and refraining from intimate conversation during your first meeting.


Have a Backup Plan

While most men do get to meet their favorite Ukrainian girls in person during their trips, sometimes things happen. It can be impossible to imagine, but some girls get cold feet, change their minds, or get held up with work or school obligations. Be prepared by having some backup brides in mind. You can also team up with the local Russian or Ukrainian agencies in the city you’re staying so they can assist you with arranging new dates with new ladies.


Lastly, good communication is the key for every successful first date so if your favorite ladies don’t speak your language very well, expect to become best friends with a translator. You can help by trying to learn a few basic phrases in her language so you can at least order at a restaurant, give her compliments, or ask her where things are. Traveling to new places, especially ones that are as culturally unique as Russia and Ukraine, can change your life forever. Discover them for yourself and contact our travel liaison today!