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What Gentlemen Should Know About Dining Out in Russia, Ukraine

23. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen believe that restaurants in Russia and Ukraine are rather cheap and that most meals will cost far less than those in the United States or Western Europe. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. While visitors can certainly dine inexpensively if they know where to go, not all Russian restaurants are inexpensive. As many Western visitors have discovered, some restaurants, in fact, are rather pricey.


Restaurant Prices in Russia, Ukraine

The prices at restaurants in large cities like Kiev, Odessa, and Moscow can be rather inflated as these cities attract a lot of foreign visitors. Smaller cities may be less expensive, but prices may still be higher than gentlemen in the United Kingdom or the United States are used to paying, even for a simple cup of coffee. In addition, extras like dessert and alcohol quickly quickly add up. Gentlemen should also keep in mind that in Russian and Ukrainian culture only wealthy people eat out on a regular basis, therefore the prices at restaurants may be adjusted accordingly.


The Ladies Aren’t Restaurant Scammers

Some gentlemen think ladies purposely choose expensive restaurants because they want to take advantage of a gentleman or because they are receiving some sort of commission. However, this assumption is neither true nor fair. Unlike America or England, dining out in Russia or the Ukraine is reserved for special occasions and the ladies likely want to impress their date with a nice meal in a romantic setting. If a gentleman isn’t comfortable going to a restaurant of a lady’s choosing he can always do a little restaurant research or ask for recommendations so there are no nasty surprises when the check comes.


The Agencies Can Recommend Affordable Dining Options

If a gentleman is concerned about the cost of dining, he’s welcome to discuss his budget with an agency representative and ask about local restaurants that meet his needs. The travel coordinators are happy to help Western travelers in any way possible so gentlemen shouldn’t hesitate to utilize this valuable resource. The representatives can even help travelers buy their own groceries should a gentleman wish to prepare a special meal at his hotel room or flat.

In short, if a gentleman is planning to visit a special lady he should know that dining out in Russia or the Ukraine isn’t necessarily cheap and that agency representatives are available to help Western travelers find a restaurant within their budget. 

Gentlemen can also check out travel websites like tripadvisor.com for information about restaurants in Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, and more, including pricing, reviews, and menu options.