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What Kind of Photos Are Unacceptable for HotRussianBrides.com?

4. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

At times, members of HotRussianBrides will attempt to post unacceptable photos to their profiles or send ladies inappropriate images. While our policy regarding acceptable content is clearly stated in the Terms of Use, some members neglect to read it (bad idea!) or forget what content is acceptable and what content is not. Here are a few basic photo rules to remember.


No Nudity

Content that “displays or describes pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind” is prohibited on HotRussianBrides, so gentlemen should not send or post nude photos. Not only do photos of members’ members violate our Terms of Use, but a top turn off for Russian women is men who are preoccupied with sex.


No Personal Contact Information

A few men attempt to share their personal contact information by sending photos of their email address, phone number, instant message IDs, or more. Content that “disseminates telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs, instant message IDs, email addresses or any other form of personal contact information” is unacceptable per HotRussianBrides’ Terms of Use (unless the couple has completed the Intimacy Request process) so please don’t do it.


No Old or Inaccurate Photos

When selecting photos for HotRussianBrides, choose pictures that are accurate and up-to-date. Photos of male models or hunky Hollywood actors not acceptable because they violate copyright laws and can mislead the ladies about your true identity. Photos that are several years old are also misleading. The ladies want to know what our gentlemen look like right now, not what they looked like 10 or 20 years ago! We also recommend that members save photos of houses, vehicles, pets, children, and the like for email exchanges rather than for profiles.


HotRussianBrides.com reviews all of our members’ photos to prevent users (both male and female) from sending inappropriate content and to ensure the safety and comfort our users. Therefore, we spot violations and handle them accordingly. The policies regarding inappropriate content are clearly outlined in our Terms of Use, which all members agree to follow each time they log on to our site. Please respect the rules.