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What Photos Are Best for HRB?

15. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many men are at a loss as to which photos to include in their Russian dating profile. Are you struggling to choose pics for HRB? Here are a few simple pointers to help you get started.


Pics to Include

From a technical perspective, the best photos  are ones that are clear, properly framed, and well lit. Pics that are blurry or marred by bad lighting defeat the purpose of a photo as women can’t get a good look at you. Photos that are awkwardly framed look strange and distracting. Fairly or not, posting a low-quality image can make you seem lazy so it pays to choose your photos wisely.


As for the actual content of photos, the women of HRB are most interested in pics that show men looking their best. This means photos where men are well dressed, properly groomed, and preferably smiling at the camera. Why post a pic in which you look less than your best?


Pics to Lose

Pics that are low quality are best left off HRB, as are images that show men looking sloppy and disheveled. However, it’s also a good idea to steer clear of pics that highlight your material objects or female friends. 


While it’s fine to share a pic or two of your home or vehicle, pics that focus on material objects should be used sparingly as it can seem you believe Russian women are primarily interested in money or that wealth is all you have to offer. Naturally, these are both impressions you want to avoid.


Some men share pics in which they’re standing next to one or several women at a party or other social gathering. The reasons for choosing photos with women vary – some men think it makes them look appealing while others want to convey a social image – but such pics are best avoided as they can give the impression you fancy yourself a ladies man or are overly proud of your female friends. This includes pics in which a woman has obviously been cropped out. What would you think if a woman shared a photo in which she's socializing with one or more men?


The photos you choose for your Russian dating profile are extremely important as they help women form first impressions and convey unspoken messages about who you are and what you think of Russian dating. How do you think your photos stack up?


Photo: Stock.xchng