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What Qualities Do Russian Women Most Dislike?

14. September 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Now that you know which qualities Russian women value most in a partner, you may be curious about which qualities they find particularly unattractive. Here are three traits that will send potential matches running for the hills.


Bad Manners

The ladies of HotRussianBrides detest bad manners. Of the hundreds of women we polled for last year’s Match Up Survey, 23% said bad manners is a relationship deal breaker. So what constitutes bad manners in an online dating environment? Making demands, neglecting basic niceties like please and thank you, and making sexually suggestive comments are just a few examples. Gentlemen who consistently treat ladies with respect are those who succeed in Russian dating. 


Poor Hygiene

Russian women are turned off by men with poor hygiene. Nearly 20% of the women we surveyed will not date a man who refuses to bathe regularly or one who wears dirty, wrinkled clothes. Because most communication with the ladies of HRB takes place on online, it’s important to post flattering profile photos in which you appear clean and well put together. When it comes time to visit, be sure to look your best by dressing well and taking care of your appearance.


Controlling Behavior

No one likes to be ordered about, and 15% of the ladies we polled in last year’s Match Up Survey believe controlling behavior is the biggest turn off of them all. So what are controlling behaviors on HotRussianBrides.com? Ordering or pressuring a woman to log on to the site at a certain time, telling women they can’t chat with other men, demanding immediate replies, insisting on meeting at a certain place or time (regardless of a lady’s schedule) are a few examples.  Respectful requests are fine, but orders and demands are not.

Russian women, like women anywhere, are attracted to polite, well groomed men who do not attempt to control their romantic partners. Please keep this in mind while searching for the Russian or Ukrainian woman of your dreams.