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What Turns Russian Women On?

14. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Wonder what turns Foxy69 on? Ask her!

Every woman has different preferences when it comes to her ideal partner, but there are some certain characteristics that most Russian and Ukrainian women find very appealing. HotRussianBrides.com surveyed 580 of their ladies to discover this valuable information and share it with their gentlemen members. Here are their top 5 turn ons.


Good Sense of Humor

Russian women love to laugh and joke around so it’s no surprise that a good sense of humor is their top turn on. Half of the women surveyed agreed that this quality is paramount in a partner. Discover new ways to make your Russian ladies laugh.


Good Manners

Many Ukrainian brides are attracted to traditional gentlemen who know how to treat ladies. It may sound simple, but some guys tend to misplace their good manners during online dating. Remember to say (or type) please and thank you and give sincere compliments.



Respect goes hand in hand with good manners. Real gentlemen are always respectful towards a woman, which means no crude sexual comments, no explicit photos, and no accusing or questioning her intentions on the site. No lady, Russian or otherwise, wants to be with a man who doesn’t value her and show his appreciation for her.



Whether you’re book smart, street smart, or a trivia buff, any signs of intelligence are a major turn on for Russian women. Many of these girls are students themselves so education is an important part of their lives. Try to learn something new every day and share it with your favorite Russian brides; they’ll probably be able to teach you some new things too!


Self Confidence

Have you ever wondered why girls are attracted to bad boys? It’s because of their strong, self confident attitudes. Russian girls like guys who are sure of themselves, know what they want, and know how to get it. While it may be hard to exhibit a confident attitude when communicating online, you can avoid negative talk like doubtful expressions and talking down about yourself.


Now you know the top 5 turn ons for the ladies of HotRussianBrides.com! There are many more traits that these women adore. Learn about them all in the eBook “Turn Ons, Turn Offs, and How to Find Love on Russian Dating Sites”. Or, if you’d rather listen than read, you can discover this same information on our podcast “Turn Ons and Turn Offs for Russian Women”. Start showing off your best qualities today!