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What Turns Ukrainian Women Off?

20. January 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Since mail order bride myths have bachelors believing that ladies will leave their countries for any man with a credit card, some suitors fail at Russian dating. They think they can pick a bride, pay a fee, and she’ll pack her bags. However, Russian and Ukrainian women want to be courted by real gentlemen and treated with respect, just like the majority of women everywhere.


Men who forget the proper protocol of impressing ladies may let some bad behaviors slip out, causing them to have a much harder time finding a Russian bride. Here are the top 5 traits that turn Ukrainian women off.


Bad Manners

Gentlemen never forget to say please, thank you, and show other common courtesies, especially around ladies. Chivalrous behavior is always appreciated.



This is an obvious turn off so resist the urge to embellish certain aspects of your life. Even little lies can make you appear untrustworthy which is unattractive.



If you’re always thinking about your own wants and needs, a lady can feel neglected. Refrain from always talking about yourself and focus your attention on the girls.



Some guys think Russian brides like bad boys, so they’ll exude a cocky and arrogant attitude to attract them. This can be perceived as rude and even offensive, so stick with the polite gentleman approach.


A Dirty Appearance

While rugged and unshaven can be seen as sexy, you should save that look for after you’ve developed a serious relationship. Most ladies are attracted to clean, well-dressed men so be sure to perfect your profile photos.


These troublesome traits were told to us by hot Russian brides themselves. Avoid them and you should have more success communicating with the ladies and growing strong relationships.