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What Types of Guys Attract Hot Russian Girls?

5. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Adorable "Aphroditte" is waiting to meet you!

Attraction can be tricky. What may attract you to one person may completely turn you off from another. Scientists have long been baffled by what draws people to each other. However, there are some specific qualities that most Russian women look for in a suitable mate. Do you already have these traits?



Courage and Confidence

Dating beautiful and exotic women online already shows you have some courage. Add in the confidence and you will appear as a real man that Russian women are very attracted to. These ladies want to man who will stand up for them and protect them. Also, don’t be afraid to try new things like learning a little Russian or tasting Ukrainian cuisine.


Openness and Optimism

Russian brides are eager to share everything with their true love. This requires men to be open and willing to share right back. Just be careful not to open the floodgates too early in the relationship. They also want men who are positive and hopeful about life. While you may be uncertain about your future or have worries about the world, try to remain optimistic when chatting with the ladies. The time you share together is when you can close off your concerns and focus on making each other happy.


Gentlemanly Gestures

Russian ladies love a true gentleman. Some men may have lost their traditional touch, since so many women in other cultures have adopted more independent attitudes. While many Russian and Ukrainian women are independent as well, they still hold on to their feminine style and prefer being pampered. A great way to show your love long distance is by sending a gift. When meeting in person, remember to open her door and pull out her chair. Little gestures like this will make a big impression.


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