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What are Ukrainian Women Really Like?

12. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Ukrainian ladies are unqiue: beautiful, home-oriented and yet worldly.


Many of our HotRussianBrides are, in fact, Ukrainian! Here's what life is like for a typical lady in her home country. 


Ukrainians are very nationalistic, proud of their culture, and eager to showcase their heritage. But there is no single, easy-to-spot Ukrianian culture, as it's a country in transition. There is city life and rural life, and differences between east and west.


Her English skills

Although people speak Russian and Ukrainian, English is commonly taught in public schools and is quickly becoming an informal second language. The English proficiency of our Ukrainian ladies varies greatly according to education, opportunity and how well they pick up foreign languages.

What she does for fun

The Ukrainians are a friendly and social people. Social life revolves around visits to one another's homes, and meeting in cafes and street markets. Ukrainian cities may not have all the amenities you'd expect in a Western metropolis, but they feature night clubs, restaurants and Western style restuarants.  Still, the majority of Ukrainian women live in smaller towns rather than cities, and a Ukrainian bride will likely adjust well to the suburbs or a more rural life.

Where she lives

You'll find the typical cosmopolitan flair in most big Ukrainian cities, and a mix of beautifully restored old buildings next to drab Soviet-era apartment buildings, plus new construction. Most urbanites live in large high rise flats, and own them. People in smaller towns and villages live in single family houses that have been passed down through generations. Often several generations live together.

What she eats

These days, there's everything from four-star dining to McDonalds in Ukraine's big cities. But the typical diet is heavy on the fresh fruits and vegetables that grow abundantly and are available all over. Many staples and meats are expensive, so they are not the sole focus of a meal. Ukraine was once known as the "bread basket" of Europe, so bread plays a large part in the diet and the culture. Ornate loaves of braided bread called korovai are given out at offical ceremonies and weddings as gifts.

Why she's on HotRussianBrides.com

Despite their own strong national identity and Russian influence, Ukrainians are generally pro-Western and fascinated with all things European and American. Still, the stereotype that Ukrainian women are miserable to escape their land and thier families is false. Some seek love across borders because they are adventurous and eager to widen the pool, so to speak. Like people everywhere, some dream of life in a new and exciting place -- and sharing their lives with a devoted partner.


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