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What is a Russian Lady’s Introduction Video?

7. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

As a member of HotRussianBrides.com, you get access to many powerful features such as chat, video chat and email, but some of our members have asked us for other options – a chance to see something of the ladies that these communication tools just can’t provide. HotRussianBrides.com has worked with our Russian Dating Agencies to provide the ladies with the opportunity to display professionally taken pictures to our members and we provide members the ability to see the ladies live with the video chat. Now on the heels of these features, we have added Introduction Videos, where ladies can show off a part of their personality that may not have shone through in these other formats.


Usually lasting 1-3 minutes, the Introduction Video allows each of the Russian Ladies who upload them the chance to show off their personality, it gives ladies who speak English the opportunity to speak directly to the Members who may be viewing it and many Russian brides use the introduction videos to show off their creativity. The videos have been used to show everything from Testimonials to Day-in-the-life stories and even things like fashion shows and music videos. The one unifying factor in all of these different sorts of videos is that each of them demonstrates an aspect of a Russian woman’s personality that she feels our members should see.

Members who wish to watch these videos can do so quite easily – simply log into your account and start looking at ladies’ profiles. When you come across one with a film projector icon and the phrase “View (Lady’s name)'s introduction video!” you know that by clicking that icon you can start watching the video immediately.

Introduction Videos are priced at 5 credits each. After you have viewed them once, you can view them as many times as you like for the next 90 days.