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What kind of content is acceptable on Hot Russian Brides? – Manners and Etiquette

13. November 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

When corresponding on HotRussianBrides.com, it is important to keep in mind that chatting on the internet is a lot like talking to ladies in real life. Even in the 21st Century, manners and etiquette will always get you much further than ignoring what is socially acceptable behavior.


We have posted many articles in the past about the importance of manners. Russian and Ukrainian women are no different that ladies in the Western world in this manner – everyone wants to be treated with respect. Russia and Ukraine both have their own unique standards when it comes to specific rules of etiquette, but respect is universal.


Like everyone, Russian and Ukrainian ladies consider lying, cheating and crude language to be major turn-offs and self-centered behavior equally so. The ladies in Russia and Ukraine are accustomed to being treated like ladies, and for their men to behave like Gentlemen which in this day and age, Western men may need to re-learn how to do.


It is important to keep this in mind – people can argue and people can have disputes but there is never an excuse to “blow up” and disregard the constraints of polite interaction.  To this end, we have made the following rule on our Terms of Use agreement:


Users will not defame, threaten, or knowingly make false representations about any Website users, or RTI employees and/or their affiliates and their employees at any time during or after using the Website. Users agree to conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner at all times.


Make sure that when you are using our service that you are following these guidelines. Not only are you contributing to a safe and comfortable environment for everybody but you are also ensuring that your behavior will never stand in the way of securing your perfect match.