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What’s the Difference Between a Mail Order Bride and a Russian Bride?

30. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

At times, men get confused about the terminology common on international dating sites. Some wonder if a Russian bride is the same thing as a mail order bride and what these terms really mean. Here’s the scoop.

Mail Order Brides

When most people think of a mail order bride, they imagine a woman in a catalog or online listing. They think of pioneer times and mail order brides who traveled to America or Australia after a man purchased them for marriage. However, this sort of bride no longer exists. Though people call the women on international dating sites mail order brides, the ladies aren’t for sale and any man who attempts to buy a wife will be greatly disappointed. The women on Hot Russian Brides are no more for sale than the women on mainstream dating sites.

Russian Brides

Because some people associate Eastern Europe with mail order brides, many men assume a Russian bride is simply a mail order wife from Russia. However, this isn’t the case. Though terms like Russian bride and mail order bride are still common in the international dating industry, a Russian bride is merely a woman from Russia open to dating men from abroad. In fact, the phrase Russian bride often refers to all women in Eastern Europe, not just those living in Russia.

Long story short: The ladies of HRB are single women from Russia and Ukraine who can’t be bought in any way. They aren’t mail order brides or wives for sale, so don’t be swayed by the myths and stereotypes.

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