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Who is Nightingale the Robber?

18. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Nightingale the Robber

A lesser known villain in Russian and Ukrainian mythology is Nightingale the Robber. Usually portrayed as a monster with half bird features and half human features, Nightingale is a master thief and highway brigand. Aiding his attacks and getaways was his uncanny ability to fly and a deafening whistle that would cause the nearby grass to tangle, the trees to bend over and all people nearby to die.

Nightingale also had three daughters who acted not unlike Sirens in the Greek myths, luring heroes from their paths, not with song but with their feminine wiles and precious jewels.

Nightingale, despite his appearance and his tendency to hide in a giant nest had an entirely human family and could be killed by very conventional means. The legendary Russian Hero Ilya Muromets finally took his life after Nightingale’s deadly whistle had destroyed all of Prince Vladimir the Great’s Palaces by merely beheading him.