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Why (Else) Do You Think HotRussianBrides is a Scam?

29. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

A few months ago, we addressed 4 reasons men think HotRussianBrides is a scam and why members don’t have to worry about these seemingly suspicious signs. Here are 3 more reasons we've been accused us of being a scam and why they too are wrong.


You Can’t Control the Agencies

A trendy scam argument these days is that we, at our Florida headquarters, cannot possibly control the introduction agencies in Russia and Ukraine and that because these agencies are definitely up to no good, our entire service is a scam.

While we don’t install hidden cameras or hire “secret shoppers,” we go to great lengths to work only with the most reputable agencies in Russia and the Ukraine and have terminated relationships with those that exhibited less than model behavior. We also investigate member reports, no matter how speculative, regarding an agency's actions. Plus, despite insistent arguments, agencies are not automatic scammers.


I Can’t Buy a Lady’s Personal Contact Information

Some men argue that if a Russian dating service doesn’t allow members to purchase a lady’s contact information, or obtain it right away, then that service is a scam. The reasoning is that the lady isn’t real or that she is not serious about finding a match.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, including HotRussianBrides, and we operate under the belief that a couple should spend some time getting to know one another first before they exchange personal contact information. This policy protects members (both male and female) from harm and harassment and helps everyone feel safe and secure. When the time is right, a gentleman may submit an Intimacy Request and, upon approval, share and solicit any information he wants. 


It Costs Too Much/Other Russian Dating Sites Are Free

From time to time, members argue that our service is a scam because it costs too much or because we dare charge anything at all when other Russian dating sites are free.


There is a difference between HotRussianBrides and free dating/low-cost sites and that is the wide array of features we offer, our stellar customer service team, scammer protection, and the number of women on our site, just to name a few. Providing all of these benefits costs money, and as HotRussianBrides is a business and not a charity, we must charge members a fair price for the services we provide. Quality costs more, as it should, and charging for a quality product does not make a business a scam. Are Ferraris scams because they cost more than Kias? Absolutely not.  

Despite our best efforts, HotRussianBrides will always have critics who insist our site is a scam. We simply ask that members and potential members make an effort to approach our service objectively and focus on finding a Russian match. It's certainly the most productive course of action.