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Why Are the Same Ladies Online at Certain Times?

7. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

If you have been a member of HotRussianBrides.com for very long, you may have noticed that some of our lovely Russian women appear online at specific times of the day or night. For some users of the site this may seem strange, as though the same ladies have specific shifts in which they appear in front of their computers.


Rest assured there is a number of reasons why you may see some ladies online only at certain times and others only sporadically or not as often. It all has to do with the independent agencies that each Russian lady must visit in order to connect to the HotRussianBrides.com services, as well as her individual schedule and time commitments.


Agency Hours

Unlike in many western countries, the internet in Russia is not widely accessible. It is therefore necessary for many of the ladies to travel to the independent agencies for the purpose of using internet services such as HotRussianBrides.com.


The time in which certain ladies appear online may be contingent upon the operating hours of each individual agency. Like any business, the agencies each open and close at certain hours, leaving the ladies a given window of time in which they can visit and make use of the chat and e-mail services.


The Ladies’ Time Commitments

Furthermore, if many of the ladies use the same agency, it is entirely possible that you will see the same group of ladies on at the same time every day. At some agencies, the ladies may choose a specified time in which they will be free to make use of an internet connection.


For ladies who lead busy lives managing their work, families, or children, this may account for why they are only able to come online during certain times of the day. Women with fewer commitments – such as those who are students – may come to the agency more often. Some ladies also live closer to the physical location of the agency than others, making it possible for them to visit on a more frequent basis.


The More, The Better

It is also true that the more often the ladies appear online, the more likely they are to find a foreign gentleman for marriage. The ladies know this, and thus many of them strive to be on the site as often as possible.


While some may view these scheduled chat times with skepticism, it is more often the case that gentlemen find it convenient to know the exact time of day that their favorite Russian ladies will be online.  If a particular Russian lady you are interested in does not come online as often as you would like, you are certainly free to send her an e-mail in order to get to know her better. If the feeling is mutual, perhaps you may be able to schedule a time in which you can both come online to chat. It’s up to you.