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Why Can’t I Find My Own Russian Bride?

23. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

A few gentlemen want to know why they should invest in an international matchmaking site like HotRussianBrides.com. “Why should I pay you all this money?” they ask. “Can’t I just hop on a plane to Russia and find my own bride?”   


The truth is men can go to Russia to search for a spouse, but how likely are they to be successful? It’s not like a man can just walk up to a beautiful woman on the street and ask her to marry him. That approach will work in Russia about as well as it will in the gentleman’s home country (abysmally). A Western man may get lucky and meet a nice Russian woman at the bar, but how can he be sure she’s not already in a relationship or that he’ll even speak to her again? For that matter, can he even afford to stay overseas for the amount of time it takes to find a potential match? What about his job or commitments back home?


So Why is HotRussianBrides Any Better?

Unlike the women a traveler might meet in a Russian bar or nightclub, the women on HotRussianBrides have all been through an extensive validation process. An independent agency representative interviews each lady prior to listing her on the site to ensure that her intentions are sincere. If a customer suspects a lady of being a scammer, we’ll investigate her conduct and remove the lady from our site if necessary. All this is done to protect our gentleman customers from women with less than honorable intentions. If only traditional dating came with such protection!   

While it would be nice to find a lifelong partner on a week-long trip, it’s just not that likely. Building a solid, loving relationship takes time, and that’s why HotRussianBrides offers a gamut of communication tools that allow love-minded singles to get to know one another, even if they live thousands of miles apart. It may take a significant amount of time and money to find "The One," but isn’t it all worth it in the end?