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Why Cross-Cultural Relationships are Rewarding

24. August 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

"How can you have a relationship with someone who doesn't speak your language?"


This is a question that men who date Russian women may hear from friends or family members. Some people see cultural differences as great challenges, while others realize that those very differences can actually benefit both the lady and the gentleman. 


Abra Cohen, a freelance writer who's dated outside of her own culture, shares her experiences. 


"What I've learned thus far from my trials and tribulations in cross-cultural dating boils down to patience. It will be frustrating at some point, probably more than once," she says. However, patience is one of the virtues that everyone could use more of in their daily lives and these types of relationships do help couples grow their own levels of patience.


"Negotiating cultural differences and language barriers can often be a good challenge and one that makes a relationship a constant learning endeavor," says Abra. Couples rarely get bored because there are always new things to share, try, and learn about each other's cultures. 


"I've become cognizant of thinking before I speak, enunciating my words and not saying the first thing that comes to mind, which is good exercise for me in general," she admits. Some people do tend to blurt out thoughts and feelings too soon which they may regret. Taking the time to think before speaking (or in the case of online dating - typing) can really be beneficial to successful relationships. 


Abra concludes by suggesting that couples from other cultures may have the best success. "I'm not saying any relationship is easy, but maybe the key to success is a cross-cultural one: a relationship where the subtleties are not fully recognized by either party, and love, respect and curiosity are the common language."


Source: Adventures in Cross-Cultural Dating