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Why Dating Online Can Create a Better Relationship

11. March 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

The relationships that start with international dating are all unique and different from one another. But, there is one thing that is consistent across the board: it takes time to get from those first emails to finally being in your country together. However, that long courtship, if you use your time right, can mean that you have a stronger, more durable relationship. A new study reveals that couples who have a strong friendship with one another have happier and more long-lasting relationships.


A Strong Friendship Bond Means Better Romance

In the study, they found that couples who considered one another good friends had better sex, a greater degree of commitment to one another and felt more deeply in love with one another. Researchers recruited 190 couples who had each been together for an average of a year and a half at the beginning of the study. The couples filled out surveys rating things like the amount of friendship investment they put into the relationship and their levels of satisfaction regarding how romantic the relationship was, their sexual satisfaction, and how loved they felt in the relationship. The researchers followed up four months later.


Those who rated the friendship aspects higher were more likely to still be together than those who rated them lower. And, they were more likely to see an increase in satisfaction in their relationship over the four month period.


How can you harness this power for your relationship?


Take Your Time to Get to Know One Another

When you email back and forth with that special Ukrainian lady, make sure to ask about her life, and take an interest in her answers. We are most strongly drawn to those who we feel take a genuine interest in us.


Make an effort to share things about yourself, as well. These little stories give her a better idea what you are like. For instance, simply saying “my friends think I have a great sense of humor,” doesn’t let her know how funny you are as well as simply telling her funny anecdotes does. By sharing who you are, you and she develop a warm, friendly relationship.


Take Things Slowly

It can be tempting to try to fly through courtship as quickly as possible once you’ve found a lady who you feel is the one. Don’t allow yourself to get impatient. Remember, there are many hoops to jump through while it gets to be time for you two to be together. Instead of seeing that time period as an obstacle you must get past, think of it as a built-in safety system that gives you time to build a strong relationship.


Never Stop Being Interested

Even after you are together, your relationship will need to be nurtured. Spend days out together enjoying the activities you both enjoy. Give each other small tokens that show how well you know one another – an occasional surprise of a favorite candy bar or magazine can make your partner feel cherished and cared for.


Talk to one another about your day, and really listen to the answers. By showing a constant interest in one another, you can keep the friendship that is at the core of a healthy relationship strong.


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