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Why Do I Have So Many Admirers? It Seems Fake!

7. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen are perplexed by the number of Admirers they attract on HotRussianBrides. The number simply seems too high. How can it be that so many beautiful women are interested in one man? The men wonder, quite sensibly, if the ladies are expressing sincere interest or if they if have an ulterior motive. The answer lies, not in scamming, but in efficient online dating practices. 


Playing Favorites

Rather than carefully reviewing each and every profile (an impossible task), many ladies choose male favorites based on a set of general qualifications. For example, age, appearance, country of residence, etc. This is a simple way for the ladies to narrow down a large pool of potential daters.  Therefore, a gentleman who falls into a popular age range or lives in an intriguing country is likely to attract many Admirers. The ladies are not the only ones who use this technique. Just as many, if not more, gentlemen add ladies to their Favorites folder because of their age or appearance. It may seem superficial, but it is the way many people choose to date (especially online). Do you analyze every lady’s profile before adding her to your Favorites?


It’s Just a Matter of Time

Most of the gentlemen on HotRussianBrides have the time and resources to leisurely browse member profiles. However, this is not a luxury the Russian ladies share. The ladies’ time at the agencies is limited so they must use this time as efficiently as possible. One way they do this is by finding men who meet their dating criteria, adding these gentlemen to their Favorites folder, and then attempting to contact the men at a later date. It is also important to remember that nearly 14,000 ladies participate on HotRussianBrides. If just 1% of the ladies add a gentleman to their Favorites folder he will acquire 140 Admirers.

The women of HotRussianBrides have significantly less time to review gentlemens' profiles and therefore choose to favorite men based on a general set of qualifications. Due to the sheer number of women on the site, many gentlemen will acquire an astounding number of Admirers. However, many Western gentlemen use this filtering technique as well. It is simply the easiest and most efficient way for men and women to narrow down a pool of potential matches.