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Why Do Russian Women Join International Dating Sites?

22. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, Bonittka

While traditional dating sites are becoming more of an acceptable way to find a mate, international dating sites are still somewhat taboo. Stereotypes about Russian and Ukrainian women, along with urban legends about Russian dating may be to blame, but gentlemen who learn the real reasons why these ladies use international matchmaking services understand them better and have more success in their search.


One reason ladies admittedly join HotRussianBrides.com is from pure curiosity. They are interested in learning about the people and cultures of the world and international dating is a fun way to do so. Also, they usually hear about it from a few friends who have already joined, which eliminates fears of trying it alone.


Another reason Russian women search for love abroad is because they are interested in foreign men. Different languages and accents, various views and life experiences, all intrigue the ladies. They don’t necessarily dislike Russian men; some ladies just find that foreigners don’t take their beauty and intelligence for granted and treat them with more respect.


The technological features of online dating sites attract Russian and Ukrainian girls as well. Emailing and instant messaging is still a fairly new concept to many of the ladies and experiencing these new communication tools is very exciting for them. They enjoy getting all gussied up for their profile photos, recording introduction videos, and streaming live video while chatting with men all over the world. Plus, since many ladies don’t own computers or can’t afford internet access, they get to socialize and spend time with other single gals at the agencies.


These are just a few of the most popular reasons that Russian women typically join international dating sites. Just like bachelors have various motivations for seeking a partner from the Former Soviet Union, these ladies may all have different reasons as well. Touch upon this topic with your favorite ladies so you can learn more about them and build stronger relationships.