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Why Do Women Join Russian Dating Sites?

25. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Another misconception about Russian dating is that women who join sites like HRB do so only because they want out of Eastern Europe. However, this isn’t true. There are many reasons a lady might decide to try her luck on Hot Russian Brides. Here are a few.

Russian women try international dating for the same reasons men do – curiosity, adventure, the desire to meet new people and experience new things. The ladies are interested in learning about the people and cultures of the world and international dating is a fun way to meet this goal. Also, many of the ladies know women who have been lucky in love online and want to give international dating a shot.

Another reason Russian women search for love abroad is because they are interested in foreign men. Different languages and accents, various views and life experiences all intrigue the ladies. The women don’t necessarily dislike Russian men or want to escape their home. They’re simply interested in, and often attracted to, the values and ideals Western men hold.

Despite what many people think, several women lead happy, fulfilling lives in Russia and the Ukraine, lives they are not willing to forsake for the chance to live abroad. Giving up one’s friends, family, culture, and language is no easy task, as you can imagine, and not one a Russian woman takes lightly.

Many men assume the ladies of Hot Russian Brides have signed up because they want out of Eastern Europe or because they can’t stand local men. However, these beliefs are rooted in Russian bride stereotypes. While some ladies might have these motives, many more come to HRB because they want to expand their dating pool and try something new, just like the men who court them.