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Why Do You Think Russian Women Are Seeking Love Abroad?

7. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Why are so many intelligent, beautiful Russian women looking for love abroad? It’s one of the most common questions about the Russian dating industry. Unfortunately, misperceptions and stereotypes cause many people to answer this question incorrectly. Here are two common reasons people think Russian women seek love abroad, why they are wrong, and the real reasons the women on HotRussianBrides.com consider dating Western gentlemen.


There Aren’t Any Good Men in Russia

Some argue that Russian women are seeking love abroad because there are no “good” Russian men. The men are abusive. They’re alcoholics. They don’t appreciate local women. There are various arguments about the supposed shortcomings of Russian men.


While there are certainly Russian men who meet this description (as do some Western men), there are also plenty of decent fellows that any lady would be happy to meet. A gentleman should never assume a Russian or Ukrainian lady has no options in her own country and that marrying a foreigner is her only hope for happiness.


Life in Russia and the Ukraine is Bleak

Many people believe that women in Russia and the Ukraine seek love abroad because life in the former Soviet Union is tough and the ladies desperately want to get away. Some even believe the women will marry any foreign gentleman who asks, regardless of how he looks, acts, or treats a lady.

While there are poor people in Russia and the Ukraine (just like anywhere else), gentlemen should never assume a lady is poverty stricken and miserable and dying to escape her lifelong home. Any man who believes the ladies on HotRussianBrides are miserable and that life Russia and Ukraine is bleak should take a look at the videos on HRBtv or check out the Best Places in Ukraine category of this blog.


So, Why Do the Ladies Look for Love Abroad?

Many women choose to join HotRussianBrides because they’re curious about Western men, interested in other countries and cultures, they haven’t had lucky in the traditional places, or a combination of the three. However, every lady is different and the only sure way to know why a woman is seeking love abroad is to ask her.

In short, Russian women aren’t desperate to marry foreigners, despite what common stereotypes might suggest.  Western men must still make an effort to be charming and show the ladies they have something special to offer, something the women can’t find at home or with local men. Beware of Russian dating stereotypes.