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Why Russian Brides Seek Spanish Men

16. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian women are matching up with Spanish men on HotRussianBrides. Whether or not you look or sound like Enrique Iglesias, here are some reasons why you may find your very own Anna Kournikova.


Sex Appeal

It’s been mentioned millions of times before: Russian women are hot. They are sexy and passionate so why not match up with a man who also shares these physical traits. Women say Spanish men are among the sexiest in the world, with many going as far to proclaim them as the best lovers. Now looks aren’t everything, but if a Russian lady does rate appearances high on her love list, Spanish men are a good candidate.


Mutual Respect

Russian women love to be pampered and treated like ladies, but they yearn to be respected as well. Spanish men are traditional when it comes to caballerosidad, also known as chivalry or gentlemanly courtesy. They will open doors and help with her coat, but still acknowledge that she is independent. Russian tennis beauty Anna Kournikova has said that her relationship with Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias works because they demonstrate a mutual respect for each other.


Family First

Just because Spain has ancient customs of siestas and long holidays, that doesn’t mean Spanish men aren’t hard workers. But whereas some cultures put their careers and wealth at the top of their priority list, Spanish men focus more on the importance of family, friends, and leisure time. This is very similar to Russian women’s priorities as well. In both cultures, many family members may choose to live together in one home, including parents, grandparents, siblings, and all the children.


There are many more common characteristics of Spanish men and Russian women which help make strong, loving relationships. Start chatting and learning about your favorite Russian ladies today so you can be her hero, kiss away her pain, and stand by her forever. You can take her breath away.