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Why Russian Women Chat With More Than One Man (Even When Things Get Serious)

16. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

A basic truth for the ladies of HotRussianBrides.com and other Russian dating websites is that the vast majority of online suitors will never make it to Russia or the Ukraine. It’s not uncommon for a lady to chat with a special gentleman for months, or even years, and never meet him in person. Some Russian dating forums refer to such suitors as Keyboard Romeos, and it’s these distant men that cause many ladies to keep their options open, even if she has developed a seemingly serious relationship with a special man.


Should She Commit to a Man Who May Never Show?

Some men are angry and hurt when they discover that a Russian woman they’ve been courting for some time is still chatting with other men. They may think she’s playing games or that she doesn’t really have feelings for him. While some girls may be guilty of this behavior, the more likely scenario is that the lady isn’t sure if she’ll ever meet her online suitor and is hesitant to fully commit to a man she may never see.


Gentlemen should remember that when it comes to arranging meetings, they typically have all of the control. Most Russian women can’t afford to fly overseas to meet a man and even if they could Visa restrictions make it tough to do so. A lady must rely on the promise of her gentleman and if her one and only suitor never shows she’s back to square one. This happens much more often than gentlemen think. Some ladies have even married gentlemen in Russia or the Ukraine only to have him disappear once he returned home! Other suitors have faked their own deaths. While Russian women have the reputation of being game-playing scammers the men who pursue them are certainly no saints. Is it any wonder Russian women prefer to keep their options open?

Despite sincere intentions, many men have promised many Russian women they would come to meet them and/or make the ladies their wives. Sadly, most men broke their promises. The ladies are well aware of this hazard of international dating and are understandably cautious about putting all of their eggs into one basket, so to speak. Until a man puts a ring on a Russian lady’s finger and brings her to his home, she will always wonder if their relationship has a future. While some men are upset when they learn their special ladies are being courted by other men or angry when a lady breaks contact because she feels their relationship has grown stagnant, in the words of Beyonce, “if they liked it than they shoulda put a ring on it.”