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Why Should I Choose HotRussianBrides? - Chat Features

24. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

As many gentlemen enjoy chatting with lovely Russian women (and who can blame them), a good Russian dating service must offer a variety of convenient, cost-effective chat features. HotRussianBrides goes the extra mile by providing high-tech, useful tools that allow our clients to have outstanding chat experiences, all at a reasonable price. 


Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is perhaps the most popular method of chat in the world today. At HotRussianBrides, members can enjoy instant chat with any lady of their choice for less than the cost of an international phone call. We don’t charge customers for chat unless a lady replies, so clients don’t have to worry about wasting money on unfruitful chats.  Many Russian ladies prefer chat to email (it’s simpler and easier for them), so instant messaging can be a great way for a man to get to know his potential match.


Live Video Streaming

Unlike many of our competitors, HotRussianBrides offers a live video streaming/chat service. This service is extremely valuable as it allows gentlemen to see lovely Russian women in person. Our members no longer have to wonder if the ladies on our site are real! Men do not need a webcam to enjoy live video streaming/chat. They can sit back and watch their Russian sweetheart react to their instant messages without worrying about the hassle of installing and maintaining a cam. Gentlemen may even choose the “Live Web Cam” option if they wish to see Russian ladies but do not want to chat. We’re proud to offer several options to meet the needs of different customers. 


Inclusive Translation Fees

The majority of women on Russian dating sites are not fluent in English and need help conversing with native speakers. Therefore, Russian dating sites must hire translators to interpret emails/chats and translate responses. While some sites bill translation services by the minute, HotRussianBrides includes these services in the cost of membership. Our members are not surprised by additional (and costly) translation fees.

Are you ready to chat with the Russian girl of your dreams? Visit HotRussianBrides to take advantage of our convenient, cost-efficient chat features today!