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Why Should I Pay to Meet Russian Women?

1. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Some people believe that paid Russian dating sites like HotRussianBrides are irrelevant or scandalous because other Russian dating sites are available for free. A common question we hear is, “Why should I pay to meet Russian women when I can just go to a free site and chat with women there?” While this is a valid question, gentlemen should keep in mind that not all Russian dating sites are created alike.    


Customer Service

Customer service is perhaps the biggest differance between free dating sites and HotRussianBrides. If a member of a free site has a question, he’ll almost certainly have to complete a web form or send an email and await a reply. This could take hours or even days. Members of HotRussianBrides can reach a member of our customer service team 7 days a week and our staff is generally available by phone, email, or instant message. We strive to answer questions and address member concerns quickly and efficiently which is something free sites just don’t do. 


Safety, Security

Anyone can create a profile on a free dating site so there is essentially no way to know if a profile is real. Men pretending to be women, false photos, and requests for money are just a few of the problems members of free Russian dating sites encounter on a regular basis. Not so, on HotRussianBrides. We have validated the identity of every lady our site and members can see the women for themselves via live video streaming. Not only that, but we forbid our female members from requesting money or gifts and encourage Russian bride suitors to report any scandalous behavior. Unlike free sites, we go to great lengths to protect our members from Russian scammers.    


Useful Features

HotRussianBrides offers members many convenient and valuable tools not found on free dating sites.  For example, the black book, introduction videos, live video chat, the online gift shop, translation and interpretation, zodiac compatibility, and more. These tools make the search for a Russian bride fun and easy and can even help a gentlemen find a Russian bride more quickly. 

While men can certainly use a free site to search for a Russian bride, they will not find the same level of quality or convenience that is available on HotRussianBrides. Customer service, scammer protection, and fun and useful dating tools are just a few of the things we offer that free dating sites cannot or will not provide. Is it worth it? These happy couples certainly think so.