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Why are Russian Bride/International Online Dating Services Priced Differently from Domestic Sites?

1. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Click to Join HotRussianBrides.comThere are several things one should know and understand about communicating with women abroad via international online dating services that cause the pricing structure to differ from using traditional domestic dating sites.


While it may be hard for some westerners to imagine, waking up and checking your email from the comfort of your own home is still a luxury rarely seen in the majority of countries our ladies live in. When you consider Russia alone covers 11 time zones it's easy to understand why widespread and affordable internet access is still decades away from what we have become accustomed to in the Western world. Even in larger cities like Moscow, personal computers and in home internet access are not common place and are not affordable for the majority of single women living in the city.


Many women do not have daily access to check their messages and most women have to travel to internet cafes or agencies to get online. When one takes this into account, along with the understanding that the average income for ladies using our services only amounts to between $300- $400 a month USD, it is easy to see why we feel we cannot charge ladies to use our services the way domestic dating sites do. Also while we do not pay women to use our services, we do work with many agencies and company contacts overseas to do everything in our power to help improve bandwidth conditions, computer access and availability at expense to us.


More women choose us because we understand the sacrifices made by these ladies willing to extend their search for true love abroad and we work hard to offer women superior communication tools, like our personal chat and live video features, that assist them in making the most of their time online. We try to absorb as much of this cost as possible, but because of these factors and until the technology catches up in the east quality international dating services will always be priced differently than flat monthly fee domestic dating sites. You will find however, while you may pay more to use an international dating service, the quality of women you will encounter as well as the level of service provided is unmatched when compared to services offering only domestic dating.

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