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Why do Russian Women Look for Love Internationally?

7. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you ask the average person why Russian women look for love abroad, you’re bound to get some negative answers. Some of the most common stereotypes include:

“They’re gold diggers!”
“Eastern Europe is an awful place to live!”
“Russian men are wife-beating alcoholics.”
“They’re only after a green card.”

What many people don’t realize is that these so-called reasons for are more based in myth than fact. Sure, some women are gold diggers, some want green cards, some hate Russia, and others have been abused by Russian men. However, most of the women on HRB have decided to seek love overseas for entirely different reasons. Here are a few of those reasons in the ladies’ own words.

“I’ve decided to search for love online because I'm curious about the customs, mentality, and education of men in other countries.” – PerfectLady

“I want to broaden my search worldwide, just to have more chances to find my match.” - MagicalLady

“Love has no boundaries, and I sincerely believe in fate and that my second half exists somewhere out there. He may not live in my country. That is why I decided to broaden my search to find a man with whom I can live all my life!” – SingleLady

“Men from abroad are more serious and responsible. If they decide to have a family they will do their best to provide the members of the family with all needed things.” – Cutie_Doll

“I am looking for a family-oriented man, and I would love to have such a man near me. I think that foreigners have exactly such qualities!” – Elizabetta

The ladies of HRB search for love abroad for a variety of reasons, and few live up to the conniving Russian woman cliché. If you want to know why a potential match has joined Hot Russian Brides, ask her! Head over now to meet a special lady today.