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Why does it take some of the ladies longer than others to reply to my emails?

19. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

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Please keep in mind that most of these ladies do not have the luxury of receiving your emails and replying to them from the privacy of their own home. The vast majority of them do not own a computer or a car. Those who do have a computer, often times can't afford the high cost of Internet access in Russia.


So, how do the ladies get your emails? Independent Company/agency Representatives located within the former Soviet Union. We work with over 150 Independent Representatives throughout Russia and Ukraine. In order to access our website, a lady must visit the office of a local Independent Representative. When you send an email to a lady, it is sent to her inbox on our website and a copy is forwarded to the office of her Independent Representative. The Independent Representative will contact the lady to let her know she has a letter waiting for her.


The lady can choose to travel to the office of the Independent Representative by foot, a rather uncomfortable proposition during the harsh Russian winter months, or by public transportation. If she's too busy to visit the office, which is often the case, the Independent Representative will read your letter to her over the phone, interpreting it when necessary. The lady will then compose her reply, and either take it to the office of the Independent Representative when she has the time to do so, or call the Independent Representative back, and read her reply. The Independent Representative will in turn type the lady's reply and send it back to you.


As you can see, when these ladies want to send an email, they can't just walk into their living room, flip a switch on the computer, and jump on the Internet. While it may take some ladies a week or more to send a reply to your email, others may live very close to the office of their Independent Representative and be able to send you a reply on a daily basis. The time it takes a particular lady to reply to your email all depends upon her individual circumstances.