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Why should I choose HotRussianBrides.com?

14. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Potential members, curious about signing up with our Russian Dating Website may find themselves asking what HotRussianBrides.com has over other websites in the International Dating world. While there are many options to choose from, we feel that our Russian Dating service stands head and shoulders above our competition for quite a few reasons.

Almost 14,000 hot Russian Ladies and Ukrainian women

Operating in many different cities and time zones and partnering with some of the most reputable agencies in the business, HotRussianBrides.com offers its members a choice of almost 14,000 of the most stunning Russian brides imaginable. Any member signing up for our service has the opportunity to communicate with these ladies via email, chat or video chat.

Four different membership levels for your convenience

As opposed to many of our competitors, who only provide a single option for members and then make them pay for every service individually, HotRussianBrides.com features four different options for everyone from the casual user who only wants to browse the site and weigh his options up to the dedicated member who wishes to send many emails to the Russian wives of his choice.

The Russian dating Membership levels are as follows:

Bronze Membership (free)

  • Read emails 10 credits each
  • Send emails 10 credits each
  • Chat 1 credit every 1 minute
  • Video chat 2 credits per minute


Silver Membership ($9.99/month)

  • Read unlimited e-mails free;
  • Send 10 free Introduction emails per month (not carried over month to month)
  • 50% off our chat services (chat 1 credit every 2 minutes, video 1 credit per minute);
  • 50% off introduction videos (5 credits each and it is yours for 90 days)
  • 25% off our gift shop


Gold Membership ($29.99/month)

  • Send 30 free Introduction emails per month (not carried over month to month)
  • Send 10 free follow-up emails per month (not carried over month to month)
  • Get 50% off our chat services (chat 1 credit every 2 minutes, video 1 credit per minute);
  • 25% off our gift shop

Platinum Membership ($49.99/month)

  • Read unlimited e-mails free
  • Send 50 free Introduction emails per month (not carried over month to month)
  • Send 30 free follow-up emails per month (not carried over month to month)
  • Get 50% off our services (chat 1 credit every 2 minutes, video 1 credit per minute);
  • 25% off our gift shop

Video Validation to avoid Russian Dating Scams

While being recognized for taking strides to help add legitimacy to the International Dating world, HotRussianBrides.com acknowledges that many of our members and potential members may be wary of the reputation that the industry sometimes carries for Russian dating scams and fraud. For this reason, we have put together our revolutionary verification techniques including Video Validation and information collection.

When a lady joins our service, we ask that she provides us with her passport so that we can verify she is who she says she is. The lady is interviewed extensively about her expectations from the site and is asked to fill out documents regarding her participation. These documents include attestations that she will not accept money for her participation here, she will not ask members for money and that she will not ask members for gifts. The Russian lady is recorded signing these documents as proof of her participation, as well as to further validate her identity. Only at this point can the lady join the site with the “Validated” logo displayed on her profile.

Web Hostesses available to assist you throughout the day

While our Customer Service department works diligently to answer and assist customers with any issue or question that arises, sometimes a member may have a concern outside of our regular business hours or that they feel wouldn’t be best articulated through email or over the phone. HotRussianBrides has pioneered their Web Hostess program to help in such situations. Set up like our revolutionary chat system, the Web Hostess feature allows customers to chat and video-chat with our trained Web Hostesses to resolve problems and potential issues quickly and effectively. While many of our competitors rely on email-only support for their customers, HotRussianBrides.com offers a more interactive and immediate solution!

The Infrastructure of a Russian Dating Service

Many people first experiencing Internet Dating may be confused at the differences between an International Dating Service like ours and some of the Domestic Dating services you often see advertised on television and online. The major difference between these sites is the focus – we are focused towards providing communication between Western men and Eastern women, and Domestic Dating sites are usually focused toward providing communication between gentlemen and ladies within the same country. Frequently, domestic dating sites will be based and service countries where internet connections are prevalent and they do not provide computer services or Interpretation for their members. HotRussianBrides.com differs from this, as we serve Ukraine, Russia and other parts of the Former Soviet Union where Internet Connections are a much less frequent thing for ladies to have at home. We provide Interpreters and Interpretation services so that Russian and Ukrainian ladies without a strong grasp on English can easily communicate with gentlemen in the Western world and partner with Russian Marriage Agencies to provide offices where the ladies can go to use our site without paying for expensive home connections or exorbitant Net Café prices.

Chat and Video Chat Availability

Quite a few of our competitors have been trying to follow our lead by adding in Chat and Video Chat features to their sites. They are, however, still being left in the dirt by HotRussianBrides.com simply on the subject of availability. While competing sites may only have 10 or 11 ladies in video chat at once, HotRussianBrides.com normally has 70-80 Russian brides available, with many more available on regular chat at the same time.

Digital Intimacy Requests, one step closer to the Russian Bride of your Dreams!

Instead of the industry standard of selling contact information through a series of paper forms and wired payments, HotRussianBrides.com has revolutionized the Russian Dating world again by creating the Intimacy Request process. Switching to an almost entirely digital system, we have created a way for members to remove the filters that normally block contact information so that the member and his Russian lady can exchange exactly the type of information that THEY see fit.

Special Deals and Innovation

HotRussianBrides.com is always working to add innovative specials for our long-time customers. We frequently offer half-price video chats and chats and have had weekend specials where we offer services such an Introduction Videos and other features completely credit-free for our Premium Members. While our competitors are struggling to catch up to our current services, we are working hard on new and exciting features which will debut soon.