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Why should I upgrade to the Platinum Membership?

30. September 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Members of our Russian Dating service have a number of different Membership and Credit package options available to them, but the largest package with the most emails to chat with Russian Ladies is the Platinum membership package.


The Platinum Membership package comes with 50 Introduction emails. An introduction email is the first email you ever send to a Russian bride. The Platinum package also comes with 30 follow-up emails to continue chatting with Ukrainian women through our site. Just like the other paid memberships, the Platinum package provides discounts on chatting with Kiev girls – 1 credit per minute compared to the Bronze membership’s 2 credits per minute, discounts on video chat, profile videos and on items from the gift shop. 

Upgrading to platinum as your first Russian Dating site Membership

While many new members do prefer to start with a smaller package, there are many benefits to initially upgrading to the platinum package. You’ll start off on a Premium package with a much larger array of free emails, but you will also receive free credits for upgrading to Platinum as a new sign-up. Members who upgrade to Platinum for their first membership receive 50 free credits. These credits can be used for chat, video chat, and many other features on the site and their use does count toward the 1,000 credit requirement to become qualified on our International Dating website

Upgrading from Gold to Platinum

Members who upgrade to Platinum from a current Gold account receive a significant discount. For every day you have left until your Gold membership renews, we will subtract $1 from your upgrade price. Have 20 days left until renewal? We’ll drop your Platinum membership from $49.99 to $29.99 for the first month!